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Welcome to our family blog, we are Roxanne, Jesse, Ashton, Jackson, and Thomas-Jensen. Jesse and I have been happily married since 2001, we live in Appleton, Wisconsin. We have been blessed with three beautiful boys; Ashton, Jackson, and TJ. Thanks for looking in on us from time to time.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


So my kids have recently proved to be rather medically challenging. I know, at some point all kids are. But, I think I am being triple teamed. I know, some may think I am exaggerating, but they don't live in my well worn slippers.
Ashton, Jack, and TJ recently saw an allergist, who I thought was AMAZING! Believe it or not, TJ and Jack tested negative (although Jack was not tested for any food allergies). Ash tested positive for dogs and cats (protein, not dander), mold (ick), and . . . grass. I mean, seriously, what is that. Allergic to grass, might as well be allergic to golf or baseball. His peaks from June and July for grass, and June to beginning of November for mold. They also decided to treat his asthma more aggressively with daily meds, actually nightly meds. He has to take an allergy pill in the morning. YIKES . . . he even has to get his inhaler 3 days a week before gym class. So, just with him alone I am feeling overwhelmed.
Let's add Jack into the mix, he has to get his reflux medicine two times a day. Not a big deal, except his medicine takes like . . . are you ready . . . grapey-aspiriny-peppermint! Huh, who would even want to ingest that, no one in their right mind! So I mix it with a little Sprite, um, still gross. But we are dealing.

Poor Baby!!!!
TJ, my little Franken-Baby. He split open his noggin at his uncles house and had to get 3 stitches. Before you say, "ooohhhh poor baby." I have to tell you it has not slowed him down one bit! You would think he would be afraid it would happen again, but no, not so much. Well, his meds have been upped as well. He went from having his nebbie once a day to twice a day. I guess not such a big deal, alone, but when you mix him with his brothers you get a swimming pot of grapey-aspiriny-pepperminty-nebbie-albuterolly-allergy blah!
I have to say it does feel good to be able to just say this. I cannot do it all. I know, I know that is what my husband is for. But, I guess I don't want to have to admit that I need help. Shouldn't I be able to do it all. Probably not, but it is still hard to say I can't do it alone.
Well, all thanks for the vent.
Man, being a parent can be challenging. It is because you want your kids to be happy and healthy. Although I suppose always being healthy doesn't mean happiness.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I started a blog, simply because it was calling to me. Every web page I view has some blog address stamped on it. I love my boys, I love to write, I need to blog. I need to get my thoughts out, out there in the abyss that is the Internet, the World Wide Web. Some may find me obtuse, while others may relate. This is simply my way of expressing my life through a series of intelligible but not always: words, phrases, and figures of speech.

I should start off by saying I am a mom of three boys, a licensed Educator (currently staying home in part because in my area there are no teaching jobs and also because daycare would be crazy expensive with 3 kids), a wife to a "guy, " (sorry honey), oh and a daycare provider (currently without children today as my 17 mos old is very rashy).

My oldest son, Ashton is in Kindergarten, he is scary smart; he can read (I am afraid to check how high his reading goes, maybe 3rd grade), he also loves math. He asked me one day in the car, "Mom, what is 1.2 plus 2.3?" I looked in my rear view mirror and said, "I don't know, that is the kind of math Mommy does on paper!" (I know, I can admit my faults to my 5 yr old, and apparently to everyone reading my blog). He said, "It is 3.5!" I kind of rolled my eyes, because already my 5 yr is better at internal math than him mum is.

My middle son, Jackson, is 4. He is a new 4, and loving it. He is my artist, his drawing skills are amazing. Yesterday he drew me a picture of a whale, it was awesome. He suffers from canker sores and tummy troubles, night terrors, and fits of rage. Okay, maybe that last one was a little expansive. He suffers from unusually long temper tantrums, I think it is because he doesn't sleep at night. He is my medically challenged one, his ailments aren't really the easiest to pin point. But he has the best smile, I cutest dimples, and the sweetest heart. He walked up to me yesterday, gave me a hug and told me, "You are a good person." Seriously, doesn't that melt your heart.

My last son is my moose, TJ, he is 17 mos. He is a big kid, who loves to hug, but also loves to knock you over with his girth. He can't help his strength, he loves to eat! Lately, his favorite thing to eat is freezie pops. He eats several a day! He has asthma, and perhaps allergies (today he is covered in a somewhat itchy rash). He has a smile that lights up the world, and a scream that would make a banshee want to tear out her hair. He is going through the "gimmie"phase. This is a relatively expensive phase that consists of putting everything he wants into the cart and screaming when I take it out. The other day I was at our local Walmart and his phase flared up and some random employee felt I needed a hug. Between his screaming, Jackson's indecision over a toy exchange, and Ashton's whining because he isn't getting a toy, I suppose I looked as though I needed a hug.

This is my life, perhaps it is not the exact concept I conjured up as a child, but it is a marvelous life. Full of noise, hardships, gum in places you don't ever want to find out, smiles that knock your socks off, and moments that make your heart melt. Yep, my life and hands may be full, but better to be full than empty!