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Welcome to our family blog, we are Roxanne, Jesse, Ashton, Jackson, and Thomas-Jensen. Jesse and I have been happily married since 2001, we live in Appleton, Wisconsin. We have been blessed with three beautiful boys; Ashton, Jackson, and TJ. Thanks for looking in on us from time to time.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of School for Everyone!

First Day's of School for all the boys:

9-2-10: Thomas-Jensen is attending Our Lady of the Lake Preschool two days a week.

9-2-2010: Jackson is attending LSP, his first grade teacher is Mrs. Zunker.

9-1-10: Ashton is on the "other side" this year, his third grade teacher is out on medical leave and his long-term substitute teacher is Ms. Radke.

Iron River Bowling

Jesse and I took the boys bowling at Uncle Bob's in Iron River. Nice bowling alley, small but really nice. We played two games and had a blast!

Madeline Island Memories

My mom, sister Heather, and nephew Cory were awesome enough to join for an adventure on the Apostle Islands. Everyone was excited to be heading across Lake Superior on the ferry for some island fun.

Some bikers from Kenosha were kind enough to take our family photo!

Nana and I

Cory Jameson

Auntie Heather

Nana and Heather

"The Boys" as you can see they had been crying, this picture was taken shortly after they found out the miniature golf course was closed due to construction.
Resting at the museum.

Taking in some historical cinema.

Mmmmmm, lunch and a cone, could anything be sweeter?

The ride home was pretty quiet, we had some exhausted little ones!

I did promise the boys we would make one more trip over to play mini golf, the weather has yet to cooperate with my promise.