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Welcome to our family blog, we are Roxanne, Jesse, Ashton, Jackson, and Thomas-Jensen. Jesse and I have been happily married since 2001, we live in Appleton, Wisconsin. We have been blessed with three beautiful boys; Ashton, Jackson, and TJ. Thanks for looking in on us from time to time.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

4th of July Ball Game: Rockies Vs. Iron City Miners

The Mellen tradition is to have both city teams play against each other. The game generally goes either way, often very close, very heated, and a lot of fun! Jesse pitched, caught, and played the field. The final score . . . Rockies lost 5-8. This year was fun to watch because Jesse and Brett played for the Rockies, while our nephew James played for the Iron City Miners.

The lovely fireworks, we were able to get some really lovely pictures.

Some fun pictures of everyone at the fireworks. Thank you to my neice Arianna who brought me out some birthday cake! Delicious!

4th of July Parade!

Getting ready for the 4th is always an exciting thing for the boys! There are so many activities for families in Mellen to enjoy during the 4th. There is the duck races, the parade, the games by the bank, the big baseball game, food being sold everywhere!
The boys in their 4th of July shirts! Jack found these for us and they were perfect since they symbolized what our summer focus was . . . BASEBALL!

We stayed with Grandpa during the 4th. It's nice that he lives in between Ashland and Mellen! I can go the same amount of miles to see my family or watch Jesse play ball in Mellen!
Standing in front of the first truck with their cousin Zory.
The boys had so much fun riding on top of the fire truck during the parade. This was the second year they were able to do this! It was crazy wierd watching the fourth with only adults!

Ashland Carnival Fun

The family and I headed up north for the 4th of July festivities. Our first stop was in Ashland, we were able to enjoy the carnival!
On your mark, get set . . . GOOOOO!
Ashton took the lead with Jack and TJ closely behind!
Ashton and Jack braved the swings.
Thomas did not. Lol!
This maze did not look that difficult . . .
2 seconds later and they were out! I guess it wasn't that hard!

Skeet ball!
Fun and rewarding!

Goodbye Dear Hometown

On June 22nd we said goodbye to our home, friends, and family. Ashland will always be in our hearts and in our history. I never thought we would leave my beloved hometown, however God had a change in plans for us. Our family's relocation to Appleton has been positive and proactive. Appleton is busier and we have no shortage of activities. While the boys had to forego summer sports, they were still active playing baseball in the park across the street.