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Welcome to our family blog, we are Roxanne, Jesse, Ashton, Jackson, and Thomas-Jensen. Jesse and I have been happily married since 2001, we live in Appleton, Wisconsin. We have been blessed with three beautiful boys; Ashton, Jackson, and TJ. Thanks for looking in on us from time to time.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ashton's Last Ball Game

Great Season Hawks!!!

Ashton finished up his season with the Hawks! It was an awesome experience. I didn't realize how much he was going to love playing ball. He has watched his dad play hard ball his whole life (and we are hoping for many years to come), I guess it was only natural he would love playing too. I wonder if Jack will love it?
Getting ready to knock it out of the park!
Ashton had such an incredible hit!
Heading for 1st base!

Throwing it home.

Resting between innings!

Baseball was fun, and the season ended too quickly for us, but . . . Don't be too sad! We got the call, SOCCER starts next week!!!! I am still wondering what I have gotten myself into!!!

Both Ashton and Jack will be playing soccer! I will update with a schedule when I have it, and pictures too! I should have known when God blessed us with three boys, that my life would revolve around some type of sport.