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Welcome to our family blog, we are Roxanne, Jesse, Ashton, Jackson, and Thomas-Jensen. Jesse and I have been happily married since 2001, we live in Appleton, Wisconsin. We have been blessed with three beautiful boys; Ashton, Jackson, and TJ. Thanks for looking in on us from time to time.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Independance Day, 2011

We celebrate our 4th with family in Mellen, WI. Every year the children and I watch Jesse and his brothers, neice, and nephew in the parade. This year was little different! Jesse and I watched our boys in the parade instead of the usual. It was quite lonely on the side of the road without the boys! But, the boys had fun riding on the fire trucks and throwing candy!

Ashton, Zory, Jackson, and TJ, July 4, 2011

Ashton and Jack in the fire truck, you can barely make out Jack's little face, but look closely it's there!

Thomas on top of the fire truck with Arianna and Zory!

Usually, we watch the fireworks in Mellen, but Jesse had to work early in the morning, so we watched the fireworks in Ashland, at Our Lady of the Lake. Best view in the area! Sadly, TJ did not like the sound of the fire works and hid with his face down, wanting to go home. Maybe next year he will enjoy them!

I took a great deal of pictures, so enjoy the slide show!