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Welcome to our family blog, we are Roxanne, Jesse, Ashton, Jackson, and Thomas-Jensen. Jesse and I have been happily married since 2001, we live in Appleton, Wisconsin. We have been blessed with three beautiful boys; Ashton, Jackson, and TJ. Thanks for looking in on us from time to time.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Home Sweet Home: Back From The American Lung Association Walk

Wow, what a weekend!

We drove to Milwaukee on Saturday, well my mom drove 99% of the way. We didn't get lost, go figure. Jesse couldn't go with us, he has been gone since last week. So we had a nice, leisurely drive, stopping every . . . hour or so. We packed the van full of junk food, so we didn't have to stop at gas stations for soda and snacks. But, we ended up stopping just as frequently to use the bathroom . . . or get fresh air (as was Jack's frequent phrase).

The boys were so wired from the drive it was tough getting them to bed before 10:00 pm. After watching The Upside Down Show, my boys love this show on Noggin, they finally fell asleep. Well, at least the boys and the grandmas did. I, on the other hand, got to listen to TJ cough ALL NIGHT looooooonnnnnnnggggg. He picked the night before the big Lung Walk to flare, perfect. We all wake up ridiculously early Sunday morning, we had to register by 8am, which is so very early. Both Ashton and TJ are coughing up a storm. We head to the van (and it is cold out), hook TJ's nebulizer up in the van so he can have his morning treatment, and make a few stops on the way.

We make it to the zoo with time to spare, and it's not packed, that is good. Get inside, and learn I was wrong, there are TONS of people, and TONS of noise. Wow, it was really busy and there are tons of walkers. We all get registered, grab our t-shirts, and our sign.

We head to a table so I can fill out every one's bracelets. Ashton takes his peak flow, 150, crap that is super low. He gets his inhaler, while TJ has a coughing fit next to me. Awesome, he gets his inhaler and his Intal. Finally finish the bracelets and we can head outside. But, on the way out I see they have bottles of water and snacks. So I grab a bunch and then we all pile outside and get a team picture taken. Suddenly no one wants snacks, the stroller is over full, TJ doesn't want to sit in his chair.

Wouldn't you know it . . . the Culver's ice cream guy is hobbling around next to the Buck's Buck. Jack freaks out!!!! He hates anything in costume (by the way, he's decided to forgo Halloween). We take off, he swears the giant cone is following us . . . he's not.

We continue walking, we see lots of awesome animals: bears, rams, crazy birds (Grandpa renamed the African horn-bill, the Asthma Bird, because it sounds like someone with asthma coughing).

Things are going swimming, we stop often so Ashton can catch his breath and check his peak flow, which is steadily declining. But it's too soon to get his inhaler, and he is okay to wait. But, after more than an hour of walking we decide to turn around and head back. Jackson and Grandma are the first to go, they lead the pack. But, we decided to detour because we were about to pass the Small Mammals building and my mom is dying to go in and see the bats. So, Nana (my mom), Grandpa and his fiancee Teresa, Ashton, TJ and I head into the building. We make it passed the tiny monkeys, passed the lemurs, and the even passed the sloth when I hear a peculiar burping sound. Oh super-duper! TJ is vomiting in the middle of the small mammal building. I rush him out!!! Grandpa is right behind me. Yep, TJ is throwing up, mucus and bile. Yum. We clean him off, and the rest of the group finishes checking out the animals.

Well, slowly but surely we make it back to Grandma and Jack (who have long since finished the walk). We get gift bags with lung stuff inside it, and a few things from the gift shop. Grandpa treated the group to a yummy lunch, TJ slept through it. It is not much later that we end up back at Grandma's house. Poor Jack's tummy is all upset, and he has diarrhea. I was pretty crabby . . . that could be an understatement. My goodness, what a day!!!! I think we were all exhausted!!! But over all, it was a fun day.
Thank you to my mom, Grandpa and Teresa, and Grandma for coming on the walk with us. I am hoping to turn this into a yearly family event. I just hope next year everyone will be 100% healthy and flare free. Thank you for all your hard work collecting donations, and for taking time to walk with us. This event was so important to me, and I was so happy to spend the day with such wonderful people. I promise next year to be a lot more organized (this was my first charity event)!!

Thanks again!!!



UpNorth said...

Congrats Team Parker!! Glad you're home safe and we're so proud of all you have done for your cause! You are an inspiration Roxanne :)

Michelle said...

Great job! And with sick kids no less. Sounds like it was a great time despite that.

Eudae-mamia said...

Congratulations Team Parker!!

Way to be a major trooper Mama.

And I'm with Jack, that Culver's Cone is a little creepy.

Glad you're home safe and sound.


The Zak Family said...

Roxanne, you are amazing.
Congrats! I sure hope everyone is feeling better now too.